METAMORPHOSIS between the constant states of body, mind and soul. To better understand one’s own existence and nature. A transformation, a record, a collection of past and present; a way to look forward to the future. Live, Here & Now. In time and out of time at the same. In focus and out of focus. Quietly going through a process of internal discovery. Sharing with each moment.

CHANGE through deconstructing notions of who I am, to constantly construct, deconstruct and reconstruct one’s self, with the intention of never finishing, but to find some resolution at one’s end.

OPENNESS to possibilities of discovery, to flow in and out. To stop, to go back and to move forward.

DECONSTRUCTION “To begin to understand who you are, one must be prepared to understand who you are not.”

Sam Ross is a performance artist who enquires and challenges the issues around personal identity and self-awareness.  In his performance, Sam uses his body as metaphorical actions to develop and extend carriers for transformation, transgression, and cleansing through a process of purification.