• 2018:  MA Contemporary Art Practice (Performance), Royal College of Art, London, UK
  • 2016:   BA (Hons) Fine Art, Loughborough Univeristy, Loughborough, UK



Selected Exhibitions:


  • ALONE TOGETHER : Up Arts Incubator : 2021


  • COP-OUT: Folkestone: 2020
  • Rasasastra Beginnings at the Kopikalyan Cikajang: Jakarta, Indonesia: 2020


  • ‘Alive In The Universe’ shown as part of the 58th Venice Bienalle: Italy: 2019
  • ‘Fragile States’ : Warwick: UK: 2019
  • ‘A Moment In Time’ : Stratford Upon Avon: 2019


  • Solo Show: Brick and Morter Projects: Folkestone, UK:  2018
  • MA Degree Show: Royal College of Art: London, UK: 2018
  • Beyond The Body: Asylum Show: London, UK: 2018
  • Another Five Minutes Of Your Time: Testbed1: London, UK: 2018
  • Bureau of Silly Ideas, Performance Screening Night: Brixton Railway Arches: London, UK: 2018
  • Grain: The Factory: Folkestone, UK: 2018



  • Here I Am There You Are: The Square Gallery: Art Licks Festival: London, UK: 2017
  • Spitting Distance: The Brewery Tap: Folkestone, UK: 2017
  • The Rising: Performance Space: Folkestone, UK: 2017
  • Follow: Lychee One Gallery: London, UK: 2017
  • Archiving Fever #2: Royal College of Art: London, UK: 2017
  • Archiving Fever #1: Hundred Years Gallery: London, UK: 2017
  • Tierp bibliotek: Konst Tierp: Sweden 2017
  • Tobo Performance konst i Tobo Folkan, Sweden: 2017
  • Revolve Performance Festival Uppsala Konst Museum: Uppsala, Sweden:
  • Nakt Unplugged: Frappant, Hamburg:  2017
  • Five Minutes of Your Time: Testbed1: London, UK: 2017
  • TransARTation: The Byre Theatre: St Andrews, Scotland: 2017
  • TransARTation: The Shoe Factory Social Club: Norwich, UK: 2017
  • RCA WIP Show: Royal College of Art: London: UK: 2017



  • Mass: Free Range Show: The Old Truman Brewery Gallery: London: UK: 2016
  • Mass: Loughborough University BA Fine Art Graduate Show: Loughborough: UK: 2016
  • Presence #7: Loughborough: UK: 2016
  • Shakespeare Exhibition: Loughborough: 2016



  • Don’t Look Back: Loughborough University: Loughborough: UK: 2015
  • Presence #6: Loughborough: UK: 2016
  •  Pop-Up Exhibition: Loughborough: UK: 2015
  • Nine Frames Project #2: SOFA Towels Building: Loughborough: UK: 2015
  • Nine Frames Project #1: SOFA Towels Building: Loughborough: UK: 2015
  • Presence #5: The Basement: Loughborough: UK: 2015



  • Presence #4: The Basement: Loughborough: UK: 2014
  • Presence #3: The Basement: Loughborough: UK: 2014
  • Presence #2: The Basement: Loughborough: UK: 2014
  • Presence #1: The Basement: Loughborough: UK: 2014



  • Stratford Upon Avon College Graduate Show: Stratford Upon Avon: UK: 2013



Selected Commissions:

  • TransARTation, 2017
    I participated as part of collective of artists, poets, linguistics and translators to make a response to the overarching theme of Translation. Performing at St Andrews, Scotland and Norwich, England.

TransARTation was a touring exhibition that opens up a space for local communities to explore ideas about translation, movement, migration and art in a variety of ways. The aim was to foster community involvement to investigate how translation stimulates and provokes the production of text-objects and works of visual art. To make visible the kinds of conversations that can occur between different cultures, languages and modes of expression.



Selected Collaborations

  • ‘Alive In The Universe’ a collaboration with artist David Earey to create a short video performance responding to the theme ‘What does it mean to be alive in the universe’. This collaboration was chosen to be featured, along with other artists works, as part of a sister exhibition for the 2019 58th Venice Bienalle.
  • M A : R O S S: A formed collaboration between artists’ Samuel Ross and Antonis Maros. In this collaboration we were interested in investigating themes around  codependency, coexistence, power and authority through breathing as a means of communication : 2017-present.
  • “Beyond Depression”: A collaborative work between artists’ Samuel Ross, Yeon-Woo Kim, Hannah Mary and Antonis Maros exploring the relationship between of abandoned, broken objects and the body and how it can reveal an often intimate and delicate relationship between a person and depression which is often unseen in this way : 2018.
  • “Environmental Conditioning”: A collaborative work between artists’ Samuel Ross and David Earey investigating the relationship between the individual and their environment through creating intimate and yet a separate space which presented a division between the  individual (the artist inside the space) and their environment (audience) : 2015.
  • “A Midsummer”: A collaborative work by artists’ Samuel Ross and Rory Flynn examining the Shakespeare play ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’. In their performance they were interested in exploring the identity crisis which was a prominant theme throughout the play. In their interpretation the two artists were presented in a room standing on two separate wooden boxes and wearing another one on their heads. They moved in a circular motion around the wooden box,  as both a separate and also as the same entity. This action was repeated until one of them randomly brakes the sequence which resulted in them to reclaiming their own individuality again : 2014.



Participated Workshops:

  • 2018 Live to Camera: Facilitated by Nigel Rolfe at Tate Britain: London UK
  • 2017 TransARTation: curated by Manuela Perteghella, Eugenia Loffredo and Anna Milsom: exhibited at The Shoe Factory Social Club: Norwich, UK and The Byre Theatre: St Andrews, Scotland
  • 2017 Across RCA: Facilitated by Nigel Rolfe and Gustaf Broms: London, UK
  • 2016  Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM) Acting Workshop: Facilitated by Stephan Perdekamp: London, UK
  • 2016 Across RCA: Facilitated by Nigel Rolfe and Gustaf Broms: Royal College of Art: London, UK