Departure 2020



Weight of the other, weight of a relationship, Commitment, Life’s journey, Love.

A man, walking, dragging a large open bag of sand behind him, to a destination he does not yet know.” The ongoing struggle of life, propelled by the commitment to keep moving forward brings this man to breaking point and in turn learns that thing he is holding onto has become too great of a burden to continue. He is moving one way and the other person is moving in a different direction. Parting of lovers, to choose to set the other free of this burden, to finally let go, to keep moving forward.

Each grain of sand symbolises the commitment, the emotional load of a relationship. As it sheds, it falls apart and gradually over time breaks.

This kind of action of pulling a bag of sand on the canal is an allusion to the 1860’s Industrial Revolution where horses were used to pull boats and goods on the canal.